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Doing things, the "ask Doski" way!

Oscar Vazquez, Innovator Behind 'Ask Doski' - The Free Online Translator and English Learning Method, Spotlighted in Miami Today

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In a recent feature by Michael Lewis in Miami Today, Oscar Vazquez gained attention for his distinctive approach to naming Miami's local project. Presently known as the 'I-395 Heritage Trail/Signature Bridge Underdeck Project,' Vazquez's unique touch stands out in the city's landscape.

Miami today, talks about possible rename for the I-395 Heritage Trail/Signature Bridge Underdeck project

The name chosen by Oscar, was simple, "NEXUS". Oscar Vasquez, is a local Miami-Dade resident for more than 30 years. The reason behind the name Nexus is the location of the project. The Nexus is an international zone in Centropolitan Miami connecting North and South American continents. The Nexus is where people from all cardinal points congregate. el Nexus concept features "N" looking arches and was created as a family reunion place, under I-395, where families, grandparents, and kids integrate, play, roller skate, etc.

You can go by bike to the Nexus. Miami Central Station and all public transportation buses and trains are near the Nexus. el Nexus connects all Dade County attractions, beaches cruise ships, shopping malls and museums. Let's meet up at the NEXUS!

The "ask Doski" Way!

Oscar Vazquez pioneered a novel approach to learning, emphasizing not just memorizing definitions but understanding words in the context of one's surroundings. Explore the transformative experience of our free online translator at:

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